Business Book Summaries (BBS) provides comprehensive, concise summaries of the best business books available. Using stringent criteria, only the top business books published each year are selected to be summarized.  More than 360 summaries are produced each year.  The BBS Library includes more than 2,000 summaries of the top business books from the last 20 years, and is constantly growing.   The summaries are available in a range of formats, including HTML, PDF, MP3, and PDA.

Business Book Summaries are created by a dedicated team of professionals. The authors’ key points are presented, and the content of each book is compressed into comprehensive and concise summaries. BBS includes the following subject areas:

•Business Biographies
•Business Strategy
•Customer Satisfaction
•Diversity, Economics
•Entrepreneurship, Finance
•Global Business
•Human Resources
•Major Works
•Marketing, Personal Growth
•Social Responsibility

Corporate learning teams use BBS in their leadership development programs as a valuable learning content resource, designed to close competency gaps and improve the overall business acumen of their staff. The summaries help users meet performance improvement requirements, provide paths to career advancement, and improve soft skills, such as leadership, people management, and communication.

Business Book Summaries are SCORM compliant and are often integrated into learning management system (LMS) applications.  The summaries are also used in blended and informal learning programs, and are easily integrated into a wide range of intranets and learning platforms.  The EBSCO team works with our learning customers to map summaries to learning competencies to further enhance the value of the summaries in the learning process.

Individuals use BBS in their own self-directed professional development, and use the summaries to stay abreast of the latest business thinking.  Subscribers can access the summaries on the intuitive BBS interface, leveraging the power of the award-winning EBSCOhost platform, or receive the summaries via email or RSS feeds.

Business Book Summaries are produced by EBSCO Publishing.  Founded in 1988, EBSCO Publishing is one of leading providers on online learning and reference solutions to companies, educational institutions and libraries throughout the world.