How To Avoid And Stop A Foreclosure, an ebook on Amazon has straightforward answers provided in plain English from a former mortgage / construction loan banker, to all the fundamental questions borrowers ask who are facing foreclosure. All available options to a foreclosure are presented. Various ways to protect you and your property are given. NO fluff - guaranteed!

You CAN stop a foreclosure and you CAN keep your home. There are basic principles and strategies provided to insure your success! Let go of the fear of losing your home and act on the faith that it can remain yours.

The author gives first hand advice about how foreclosures work, how to avoid them completely and how to stop them dead in their tracks. That's for every type of mortgage loan, whether prime rate loans, sub-prime loans or FHA loans and for military family’s.

Included are strategies to negotiate with your lender and work out with them how to avoid a foreclosure. You'll find out how to use the Reinstatement Period and the Redemption Period to your advantage. You will learn about short sales, strategic defaults, loan modifications and even how to use bankruptcy to save your home from foreclosure and so much more.

Will walking away from your home fit your situation? For some, yes, for others probably not. These are just some of the difficult subjects covered.

The author is truly an expert in this field. He writes clearly and concisely about every aspect of a foreclosure proceeding and the multiple options available to you as a borrower to keep your home.

You will be thoroughly educated about the ins and outs of foreclosures and know what your many options are after reading this ebook.

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