BizzBlizz was founded by Don Basile and Carlos “Art” Nevarez after successfully working together to build FusionIO and Violin Memory.   Previous to BizzBlizz, Carlos focused on building technical teams, architecture and software development.  With BizzBlizz, the team brings a lifetime of software expertise and new, unique knowledge and understanding of optimizing architecture and code to run on the most powerful environment on earth, perhaps the known universe.
BizzBlizz was founded in the Spring of 2011 with a modest goal of leveraging existing affiliate relationships to build an online marketplace: Amazon.com, but with the ability to allow the merchant to brand themselves; eBay.com but with the ability for the merchant to own their own presence and traffic; PayPal.com, but with the ability for the merchant to build their own merchant account, reputation and credibility; Clickbank.com, but with the ability to convert affiliate mindset to social mindset.
While the intention was to initially create a large marketplace, where people could refer other people to each other’s offers and products, automatically capturing social connections and interactions; it became evident that the affiliate marketplace was quickly changing due to government regulations and that with companies like CommissionJunction and Clickbank changing their business practices, there was a void being created in the Affiliate Marketing space.  BizzBlizz decided to react to the changing market conditions and target this void first.  xDSpot became focused on offer creation and promotion.  All the social tools necessary for running any type of store or campaign still exist, but the tools are more familiar to the Internet Marketer, than the Retail Merchant.
BizzBlizz toolsets are designed to help each merchant create social “markitectures” (market architectures) to build their business models.  The ability to track relationships and interactions is the key, critical ingredient of social commerce and BizzBlizz has built every piece of their infrastructure to capture, manage, promote, and engage every possibility.