B.J. á la mode is a nouveau chic public relations, event management and communication agency. Founded in 2010 by two savvy and sophisticated law graduates, B.J á la mode offers precisely what our name suggests — what you need at the present moment.

B.J. á la mode brings a confluence of experience in the entertainment, fashion, sports, and legal milieus and adds a couture touch to every client. We are poised to infuse every client vision with panache — that dose of flavor that makes every delivery unique.

Utilizing our brand focused approach, we recognize the value of client centric plans. We immerse ourselves into every client to ensure that we produce results that truly speak to who you are. We do not stand on the outside looking in, we take the journey with you. As we forge ahead in the industry, we know how to go the extra mile to exceed our clients' expectations through publicity, marketing, social media, and event promotion.