Getting your message on the right 'channel' today ranges from finding the right reporter or producer to a positive social media strategy. Tell your company's story and listen to your customer or client base to boost your image. Now do you have time for all that work?
After a strong career in broadcast news as a trusted journalist, I've adapted to the content management world. Everyone has a story to tell. I help you find and develop those stories to help raise the profile of your organization. I’m a big believer in one-on-one contact with media folks. That means spending time to craft and communicate a message geared to a specific media contact that works for your organization.
Navigating Facebook and other social media ads and messages; your Web sites content and more, I help you find the news 'hook' that will get the right attention for your message across all channels.
Special skills include: crisis communication content management, B2B and consumer messages, community outreach; Facebook marketing; superior organizational abilities and attention to detail; excellent communicator; keen ability to “read” people; and wide network of contacts across a broad variety of fields and industries.