Bklahrke. | Billy Clarke

Bklahrke. is an independent, solo run, creative design studio, based in Milton Keynes.

Armed with an arsenal of innovative ideas and finely tuned vision, Bklahrke. design studio,
can translate and accommodate any strategic thought, big or small, setting it into motion
and create something perfect for you and your business.

Bklahrke. design studio will always strive to produce something that you want,
and as importantly, something you need, at a competitive price, guaranteed.

Bklahrke. | Design Philosophy

“Anyone, creative or not, can make things bigger, more complex, and supposedly,
prettier. However, it takes a touch of creative genius and a lot of thought, to solve
everyday, creative problems.

As designers, we never start with preconceived ideas or finished products.
The vision we imagine and the eventual fruits of our labour, are results of subjective
and objective thought and finally, applied design process to those ideas.

Wading through, analyzing, interpreting, translating each and every move, like a
game of chess, we invent new techniques to encompass every idea, respectively
unique and suited to the task at hand; this form of thought process helps us achieve an
honest and effective solution for your every wish and desire

The world, our shared spectator, is nothing more than a fickle beast, out of control
and misunderstood. Designers use instinct and intuition to achieve clarity and interest,
taking into consideration the spectator, his feelings, and his taste.”

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