Välling and Smart Oats Available Now, Both Designed for Babies and Toddlers to Enhance Children’s Ability to Sleep, Cognitive Development
and Nutritional Consumption

Based in San Francisco, Bla Bla Foods is Founded by Louise Fritjofsson,
Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Proud Swede and Devoted Mom

San Francisco: Scandinavian countries including Sweden are regularly at the top of any list highlighting the healthiest and happiest countries on Earth, and that is in part because of their commitment to nutrition. After becoming a new mom in 2017, founder Louise Fritjofsson couldn’t find in the U.S. the nutritional staples she and generations of Swedes grew up on and as a result launched her third company, Bla Bla Foods. Their first line of nutritional Swedish-inspired food includes Välling and Smart Oats, which are designed for babies and toddlers and based on Swedish recipes that are nutrient packed and organic.

“I’ve always prioritized healthy living and eating, and when becoming a mom, I constantly worry if my son is getting the nutrients he needs and struggled to find the staples of my childhood in Sweden like Välling and Smart Oats, which are free of preservatives, gums and sugar,” said Louise Fritjofsson, founder of Bla Bla Foods. “Providing these foods with function is a core principle of Bla Bla Foods. However, we also have the responsibility to provide a sustainable product, especially to help pave the way for our children to live well into their hundreds. And single-serve pouches aren’t a sustainable option.”

This opportunity drove Louise to leave her career in tech where she had launched three digital-focused companies and mentored hundreds of start-ups and products via a tech accelerator. Now she is focused on creating products that fill the void in the American market with the Swedish-inspired foods with function that both satisfy the nutritional needs of children and worrying minds of parents.

Bla Bla Foods first products to market, Oat Milk Välling and Smart Oats, might sound unique to Americans, but in Sweden “these are foods that parents regularly rely upon for the nutritional needs of their kids – drawing from Swedish minimalism with no preservatives or added sugar,” said Fritjofsson.

Välling is a thick, nutrient-dense, all-natural, plant-based, organic oat milk in powder form and Bla Bla Foods is the first in the U.S. to offer it, despite reportedly 55% of Swedes serving it to their children. Mix with water or any type of milk and parents have a superfood packed with protein, iron, calcium and fibers, with no preservatives or added sugar. More than 60% of Swedish consumers of välling serve it before bedtime as its trusted to enhance a child’s ability to sleep. Also, babies commonly suffer from iron deficiency after 12 months of age, which is why the Swedish Food Administration specifically recommends välling as a source of iron.

Smart Oats is an organic and all-natural oatmeal to help children grow and is known to support cognitive development. This naturally pink oatmeal can be a treat for the entire family with its superfoods, including quinoa, chia, acai, and beets that support muscle, brain and cell development, while oats and coconut milk provide necessary and vital fats, protein and iron. Known as gröt in Sweden, Smart Oats is a yummy alternative to high-sugar, processed oatmeal.

About Bla Bla Foods:
Bla Bla Foods is a lifestyle brand for young families providing healthy food and intuitive products that are better for little humans, their families and the planet. Bla Bla Foods is built on three core principles: foods with function, sustainability, and Scandinavian minimalism. Bla Bla Foods first line of products are Swedish-inspired foods, made in San Francisco, but have been proven to satisfy the nutritional needs of generations of Swedes, who are commonly considered one of the healthiest and happiest cultures in the world. Launched with a digital-minded focus and entrepreneurial spirit, founder Louise Fritjofsson has taken Scandinavian staples from her childhood and evolved them for modern families – where nutrition with ease, sustainability and quality are top priorities. Bla Bla Foods believes in the power a natural, organic diet should be available to everyone, and therefore donates fortification for women and children in need with every product sold by proudly supporting The Food Fortification Project. For more information on Bla Bla Foods, visit www.BlaBlaFoods.com.

About Founder Louise Fritjofsson:
Louise Fritjofsson (Eriksson) is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience as a leader, founder, CEO, mentor, investor and advisor in the tech industry. Louise’s entrepreneurial successes across Scandinavia and the U.S. include SaaS, e-commerce (acquired in 2007), a peer-2-peer marketplace, and AdTech, the largest B2B ad network and media company.