Blackdog Internet is a small full service web design and IT services company focused on the small to mid-size business community in Crete. Our mission is to provide professional high quality communications design services to this market. We endeavour not only to understand your business, but also to understand your competitors and customers to determine the most appropriate and efficient solution to make your company more visible and marketable to your existing and potential customers.

Here at Blackdog Internet, a crucial part of what we provide is advice and guidance. We will work with you to suggest and provide to you cost-effective, quality web design solutions to help you compete and grow in today’s competitive economy.

We are innovative web thinkers and communication specialists who have done our time at the big corporations. We know what's possible and what works. So whether it's a website, email marketing campaign or more traditional IT Services, the purpose is the same - to accomplish specific business objectives you've set for your business. We are your committed partner in helping you achieve those objectives. We believe that the combination of your understanding of your business and our strategic design and marketing orientation can produce absolutely incredible results.



We promote the use of Open Source Software and contribute back to the Open Source community through our own project at