Black Fem Futurist is for African American Women who are creatively changing the future of our culture by way of Innovation and Vision. We are excited to share their Inventions, awesome elevated business concepts, new wave foods, extreme fashions, creative writings, urban-tech conversion platforms and universal technologies.

Not only that, we want to know “ Who You Are", what drives and motivates you, what have your struggles been and how you over-came them? There will be so much more. If you are doing something “New, Innovative & Futuristic” we want to know about it!

The Black Fem Futurist Blog is about “Brand-Sharing” for women of color and their products/ventures/arts that will be changing our future to come. Our interviews will cross the globe and interview with dynamic ladies, young and mature in age. We will bring some of the most unique people and the most interesting things that you never knew you needed in your life.