Why Blackhawk Fitness: Boot Camp?

Let Blackhawk Fitness: Boot Camp of Wichita MOTIVATE you into a new you! Our ALL MILITARY, Certified staff with more than 40 years of combined physical fitness experience are NOT there to yell or scream their heads off, but they WILL make you work towards your goals. Here are somethings you can expect from Blackhawk Fitness Boot Camp Training:

•Lose Weight - Expect 7 to 15lbs of excess weight loss in your FIRST SIX WEEKS!
•Look Great - Military-style exercise is great for body toning and that trim, tight body!
•Better sleeping habits -  We GUARANTEE you'll get a better, more restive sleep as your body regulates itself!
•More energy at work - Increasing your metabolism through exercise not only helps you shed the pounds, it also gives you more energy throughout the day!  
•More self-confidence - ...and not just because you look and feel better. Gain self-confidence because you WILL overcome obstacles you never thought possible!

All of our instructors for our military-style boot camp are either former or serving members of the armed forces.  

Cross Training is a way to engage your whole body; improve strength, tone, cardiovascular endurance, and ENJOY YOUR WORKOUT because no two workouts are ever quite the same. The biggest reason people stop going to the GYM is because they get bored and tired of doing the same thing over and over!

Is it hard? Well yes, it's hard...but it's not impossible.

This class is MEANT for anyone who not only wants to get in shape, but also doesn't want to sit around waiting to be next on that worthless eliptical cardio machine!

We offer the best way to get fit while having fun in the great outdoors! A key to our members' fitness is the motivation provided by others in the class (and, of course, our instructors)!

Our Mission:

   Our mission is to support you during training, set realistic goals, and help you achieve those goals through motivation, encouragment, and discipline. Through these methods, Blackhawk Fitness: Boot Camp instructors provide a positive environment where you can push through difficulty, pain, and exhaustion in order to make progress even when feel like you just don't have it in you.


Blackhawk Unlimited also utilizes military techniques and methods to organize events, provide corporate team building, and charity fundraising events, through Blackhawk Unlimited