We excel at helping owners, marketing directors and sales managers focus on their best opportunities for growth and highest margin products and services.  We help you refine an ideal strategy, not just suggest tactics.

The business background we bring to the table enhances our ability to plot the best path to where you want to be. By turning marketing dollars into targeted investments you can put fuel in the right places to generate  bigger profits.  

As markets break down into smaller niches, your marketing choices are exploding which breed confusion and scattered efforts. Your best targets may not be getting the attention they require. With the right blend of online marketing and offline tools, you can grab the best part of the business you've been missing.

The right strategy with a garbled message is doomed before it starts. What you say and how you say it is the foundation of every written communication. Consistentcy and transparency are more important than ever.

We specialize in writing compelling copy for manufacturers, commercial and industrial contractors and other B2B organizations. The goal is to generate leads and soften the sales process. The tactics we use could include:
SEO web copywriting,
List building
E-mail marketing with drip by drip relationship building using autoresponders
Newsletters, press releases, brochures and other marketing pieces.