Black Lodge Games, LLC focus is on creating compelling games that combine role playing game (RPG) elements with one or more other game genres, with the end goal being unique, fun and profitable game franchises.  To achieve such lofty goals with a small team and limited budget, efficient production pipelines that "work smarter, not harder" are required.  While there are many factors that determine what makes a good game or franchise, the most important test a game must pass before we consider it complete is whether or not it is a fun experience.  We intend to ship at least one fun game every 18 to 24 months, and to use the resulting revenue to grow and develop the business and to provide a fair return for all investors.  We aim to build a catalog of game franchises and to expand into other game related entertainment in the next five years, while still staying true to the RPG niche & community that we service.  We also strive to maintain a fun, fair, and friendly work environment where respect, diversity, and new ideas are able to thrive with full acceptance.