Black Mamba Protection has experienced substantial awareness on its body-worn high definition camera, from police forces and re-sellers throughout the United States and Canada, in light of recently recognized events in Ferguson Missouri and other areas nationwide.

Black Mamba Protection recently launched its BMPpro Body-Worn High Definition Camera in an effort to provide law enforcement and security personnel with a rugged device that records video and audio of the events from the officer’s point of view, while protecting both officers and citizens.
The BMPpro Body-Worn HD Camera is designed as a light-weight rugged device that attaches to a person’s vest, uniform or lapel with two-radio compatibility standard. It records up to 1080P high definition video, audio with standard features such as night vision, LED flashlight and line of sight laser.  Additionally officer has the ability to add metadata allowng law enforcement agencies to search for past videos by time, case, title, keyword, priority and date or identification options.

President David McAnulty stated, "With the number of camera phones in the hands of everyday citizens, the chances of law enforcement being captured on video is high. We are seeing these video recordings distributed across multimedia platforms nearly as fast as the video is recorded. Personal video recordings from the public can be easily edited to portray police officers' in a negative light, resulting in distrust in the community. Black Mamba Protection's BMPpro HD Body-Worn Cameras and Recorders provide high definition video during the day as well as at night in complete darkness. The information it records will facilitate law enforcement with an accurate account of what actually happened, which in turn will aim to protect officers and build trust in the community."
Since its introduction, Black Mamba Protection has been presenting BMPpro HD Body-Worn Cameras throughout North America and interest levels are starting to accelerate from law enforcement, transit police, school police forces, and private security firms.

As an example, "The BMPPRO HD Body Worn Camera is the best we've seen. Its rugged design is well suited for law enforcement mobile applications. The 140 degree field of view and the high definition video provides outstanding picture quality".

Black Mamba Protection has a significant amount of industry experience with high-end in-vehicle camera security systems and believes BMPpro will add to increasing the safety of users with the best technology available.
About Black Mamba Protection Inc.
Founded in 2012, Black Mamba Protection is a leading provider of high-resolution mobile video systems.  Our mission is to fully utilize technology capabilities to provide custom tailored mobile video and tracking solutions in order to improve operations, management and the overall safety to our clients in Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, EMS, Fleet Service and Business Agencies.

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