Established in 1994, the Black Mountain Press is dedicated to promoting work of emerging authors of literary poetry, novels and short stories. As cinema, art and story telling has plummeted in literary quality to appeal to the lowest common denominator in recent years, the Black Mountain Press strives to find and publish works that aspire to a higher ideal, many times written by unknown, first time authors, without agents representing them.  All too often their works are ignored By the corporate publishers who are more interested in serving up their chain store consumables for a public lost in our mass produced fast-food induced art world.

The Black Mountain Press first publications were done in collaboration with other publishers and focused on design and the new digital technology. The Black Mountain Press staff and designers helped ring in digital catalogs and books in the early 90’s. Independent book publishing became a goal in 1994 and books on the outdoor industry, how-to guides and destinations were the early focus of the press. In recent years the press was involved in scriptwriting ventures in collaboration with the Twin Rivers Media Festival, and mail art exhibitions with Asheville’s premier gallery, the Courtyard

Founder,  Jack Moe,  has now redirected the efforts of the press to focus on poetry, novels and short stories by emerging writers and moved the operation east of Asheville near the community of Black Mountain, once the home of the famous Black Mountain College that produced visionary artists, writers, and musicians such as John Cage, Buckminster Fuller, Merce Cunningham, Anni Albers,  Jacob Lawrence and many others. Located in an old farm house,  surrounded by 30 acres supporting grass-fed cattle, the Black Mountain Press strives to promote the creative innovation of the past though literary excellence found in our emerging writers and filmmakers..