Distracted Driving Solutions from Blank-IT

The working environment is more mobile than ever and companies want employees to be able to work and communicate effectively even when on the road. Providing your mobile workforce with access to technologies such as GPS and wireless broadband delivers 'real-time' efficiency and gives you an edge over competitors.

As a result of this, the need to install computers in vehicles is becoming increasingly common. However, this brings responsibilities and challenges that must be addressed to satisfy legal requirements and to protect your employees and others, particularly with regard to the problem of Distracted Driving or 'DWD'.
The Blank-IT Solution

Blank-IT provides an easy, safe and legally compliant way of managing in-vehicle computer displays and helps to reduce driver distraction, by acting as a "sentry" preventing or restricting screen access when appropriate.

Designed to meet International regulations for computers installed in vehicles, Blank-IT is the best distracted driving and in-vehicle display management solution for large and small fleets.

Blank-IT will help your vehicles comply with ever-increasing levels of 'driver distraction' legislation, assist in safeguarding employee health and could help improve car and road safety.
Why Blank-IT?

The causes of driver distraction extend far beyond the use of cell phones. Blank-IT is an easy to install, vehicle independent, self-contained and flexible solution to the problems associated with in-vehicle computer use and will help your company address Distracted Driver (or DWD) legislation. It uses world-leading technology and can be customised to allow access to essential applications if required. See the full Feature list now..
Blank-IT Video

Why Blank-IT is best

No Cables
No Drilling
No Antennae
No Batteries
No Bluetooth
Quick Install
Easy Setup
Flexible Configuration
Allowable Programs
Swingaway Capable