B-leaf Botanics is a skin care manufacturer committed to providing natural solutions for slightly imperfect skin. Using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, B-leaf handcrafts each product to do more than just cleanse and moisturize skin. B-leaf looks to nature and plants for their incredible healing abilities, making naturally beautiful skin possible for everyone.

B-leaf Botanics is best known for its PMS System for hormonal skin.  Originally developed for peri-menopausal skin, women of all ages have found relief from the non-drying, balancing solutions found in B-leaf's Cleanse face wash, Harmonize toner, Balance face lotion and Banish non-drying blemish treatment.  B-leaf also has a skin care system for dry, sun-damaged skin, as well as bath and body products all utilizing natural and organic ingredients.

B-leaf Botanics, made by The Answer for Skin, LLC is located in Overland Park, Kansas and is certified by PETA for cruelty free and vegan products.