BlinkIt fills the void in the Business-to-Business sourcing and sales market. Unlike the Business-to-Consumer market, which is jam-packed with online marketplaces, and UX innovations, there have been few innovations in the B2B wholesale industry. For businesses looking to discover, connect and collaborate, BlinkIt simplifies the sourcing process while introducing new and exciting sales avenues and lessening the burden on vendors, buyers and designers.

BlinkIt distinguishes itself by using a proprietary algorithm to suggest products and predict buyers based on a user’s personality and psychographic typing. This intuitive filtering enables buyers to quickly analyze and select items, and vendors to more efficiently find buyers who are most likely to
purchase and source their goods, without the need of historical user buy and sell patterns. “We think of BlinkIt as Alibaba meets Match.com,” said Tim Luscher, BlinkIt’s co-founder. “We’re match-makers for manufacturers, vendors and retailers.”