Established in 1989, First Cabin remains committed to providing the discerning traveler with excellence in the development and operation of itineraries worldwide. In keeping with First Cabin’s tradition of offering the rare rather than the mundane, we proudly present our selection of recommended luxurious custom tour itineraries for destinations worldwide.

These itineraries, matched with the finest hotels, and premier transport are inclusive features for all of our tour programs. In addition, peace of mind is assured among our clientele by travelers’ funds being held in escrow by the Wells Fargo Bank of Rancho Santa Fe to be used solely for the operation of their specific tour and for no other purpose.

With every custom tour, travelers will be met upon arrival into each city by a well-qualified professional guide, who will accompany them to all of the sites within the itinerary by private transport and make certain that their onward passage is confirmed.

As with travelers who have journeyed with First Cabin beforehand, I feel confident that your first tour experience with First Cabin, most certainly will not be your last. Repeat clientele are our mainstay and we look forward to showing you why.

Our clientele “Over these many years our family along with a group of friends have availed ourselves of the excellent service provided by First Cabin to arrange custom tour itineraries for us worldwide. Be it the Okavango Delta in Botswana, the Kashgar Market in China or the ruins in Myanmar and Cambodia, First Cabin has managed everything so well that the transition felt nearly seamless. Seldom would there come a bump in the road and should one appear on the horizon, Plan B had obviously been thought out and thereafter well orchestrated. Well done  First Cabin and well done you who are wise enough to enjoy the benefits of First Cabin's expertise.” Colin and Sherrill Callender, Bahamas

WHY FIRST CABIN?  Expertise & Experience!

It began in 1963 when Robert Kenyon, President of First Cabin, first journeyed throughout the Asia Basin. From those first experiences came a passion for travel that grew ever stronger and led to the inception in 1989 of First Cabin Travel.

It continues with the expertise of our internationally well-qualified tour managers who have led tours to the Third World and beyond most of their adult life. Those same tour leaders accompany each group tour throughout the journey, ensuring the traveler a well organized, rewarding holiday. On First Cabin custom tours, the selection of a local tour manager is as discerning a process in making the proper choice for a well-qualified individual. In less capable hands, ones treasured holiday might easily fall into an altogether different category.

It is embellished by the selection of tour guides en route who have a variety of upper collegiate degrees and who have the charm and ability to relate their knowledge to the small sized groups in a meaningful and energetic fashion.

It thrives on the experience gathered from being on site, in the field. First Cabin creates the itinerary from first hand knowledge, not merely by discussing with overseas ground operators what is available. Each itinerary is well groomed for its important sites, finest accommodations and timely arrival and departure plan.

Value! Rather easily defined when it comes to worldwide touring.

Quality of hotel, in and of itself separates First Cabin from all others. You are strongly encouraged to compare the list of First Cabin accommodations on tour with other self-described “luxury tour operators” to see first hand the difference in quality and thus a very real difference in value.

Two very notable examples are the Nam Hai Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam, http://www.thenamhai.com/ renown to be the finest resort accommodation in all of Southeast Asia and the luxurious Mandarin-Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand http://www.mandarinoriental.com/bangkok/. Neither hotel allows but a certain few to book their clients at their hotel and First Cabin is proud to be one of the very few that have been welcomed these many years.

Other notable comparisons inclusive features, premier transport en route between sites, the tipping policy, and reputation of the tour operator. Although price is a factor, by no means should it be the paramount consideration. Given the fact that most travelers visit sites such as the Taj Mahal, the Amazon, Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, the continent of Africa and similar destinations just once in their lifetime, it simply makes good sense to insure that the holiday is a dream come true and the memories happy ones.

First Cabin is committed to having each client return home with a renewed zest for travel and is most proud that the vast majority of bookings come from repeat clientele and their ever-so-enthusiastic referrals. Since 1989, those referrals from satisfied clients have been the mainstay of our business at First Cabin