Blockchain Foundry is here to help you actualize your business blockchain vision.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Blockchain Foundry is a global blockchain consulting and development firm. The company develops and commercializes decentralized ledger technology, custom blockchain solutions and smart contracts for enterprise clients.

We provide custom blockchain development, consulting, and integration solutions that will help leverage blockchain technologies to solve your business problems and help you build a better future.

Blockchain Foundry can help your company expand into the blockchain space. Our expert team of developers has over 35 combined years of blockchain industry experience. It’s not just theory, but real-life expertise building working solutions to help you succeed.

Still in the design phase of your project? Looking for an expert to weigh in on your whitepaper or perhaps review your system architecture? Blockchain Foundry is the world’s best blockchain-based business solution consulting and design firm. We offer consulting services for businesses and governments. Get a set of expert eyes on your project. You can count on us to get the job done.

Are you looking to integrate blockchain technology into your existing business to enhance or extend your infrastructure? Curious how your business would benefit from leveraging blockchain technology? Interested in reducing IT infrastructure and costs? Do you feel like you are getting the full potential out of all of your system’s features? We offer seamless integration services.

Blockchain Foundry Inc. was founded in 2016 by the development team responsible for creating the Syscoin protocol in 2014. The team recognized the opportunity to productize the benefits blockchain technology presented for use by both businesses and everyday consumers. The Syscoin protocol provides several advantages over competing protocols, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, that uniquely position it for rapid productization with minimal overhead.Blockchain Foundry Inc. is a founding member of Microsoft’s Decentralized Identity Foundation. Microsoft and Blockchain Foundry Inc. are partners in the mission to decentralize identities using blockchain technology.

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