Formed in 2015, BCoT has become a leader in 2nd layer software integration technology which allows organizations to quickly leverage the capabilities of the bitcoin blockchain technology using the Catenis SaaS Platform. Their premier platform Catenis ™ offers a SaaS 2nd layer for rapid Bitcoin blockchain integration, to simplify and accelerate secure global peer-to-peer edge device messaging, digital asset control, and recording of immutable data. The company is located in New York City in the United States.

Catenis Enterprise™ is the flagship product of the Blockchain of Things™ Inc.  It can be used to empower the world’s devices, systems, and applications. Catenis™ makes it easy to utilize the power of blockchains to enable peer-to-peer communication, governance, chain of custody, and reliable messaging all with military-grade encryption and security. This allows organizations to innovate faster, improve business agility, and increase efficiency resulting in clear competitive advantages and significant cost reductions. The robust nature of blockchain technology allows for the secure transmission of assets and immutable data storage across peer-connected devices, systems, applications, and smart contracts. Catenis™ allows tinkerer, developers, and enterprises to fully engage the power of global cryptographic networks with ease. It provides the only complete blockchain integration platform for SaaS, SOA, and APIs.

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