BlogMyDay, a leading blog development company in India, from the humble beginnings of a couple with a shared interest, creating a company and developing a few blogs, way back in March 2011, we have grown into a business model that is recognized and respected within the industry for our blog design, development and optimization capabilities.

Having our base in India means we are right on the pulse of the emerging technologies, and in touch with all the dynamics necessary to take our own BlogMyDay Easy Marketing Software to the next level and beyond. We aim to get across to our customers a simple, but highly critical message; which is how absolutely vital it is for a blog to contain not just a uniqueness in its appearance and content, which sets it aside from competitors; but also for it to deliver a message in itself, via both text and branding, that will in some way connect with the visiting traffic.

The expertise we hold in our own BlogMyDay Easy Marketing Software services is something we take great pride in, as is the Content Management System, which we promote for, clients to self edit. Consultation with the customer is high on our list of priorities; we place great importance in involving them in any decision-making, after all it is their satisfaction that we ultimately seek. Whilst technical dialogue may be necessary at certain stages, we will always outline proposals on a non-technical platform, so that there is clear communication.

We will formulate a design tailored to the client’s business needs and help to position them at the forefront of their global market and as a consequence, ensure sales are driven in their direction. Our essential services include Social Networks Integration, where our immensely skilled blog platform will target easy to share the blog content to score top visits.

The quality of our blog product cannot fail to impress you; we welcome your mail to: krish@blogmyday.com; BlogMyDay helps you to increase your customers!