Fresh Flowers

Flowers give us this natural feeling of "peace" and it always associated with "important" occasions. It has been there since the dinosaur’s days! Besides the highest quality and freshest possible flowers that we supply, both imported and locally grown, we hope to create the most creative gift that you will be able to give to your love ones. And hopefully the WOW factor stays with them through the time.

Gifts and Baskets

Young and old, girls, boys or in between, everyone loves gift! We do stock up with some very unique gifts for you to choose at our shop or at Bloom2u.com. Every single piece is personally sourced or created by us. We have gifts for all occasions.
Celebrate the festive seasons with Gift Baskets. We do elegant and personalized gift basket which creates a different feeling when you receive the gift and that’s count for us @ Bloom The Floral Shop. Every Gift Baskets represent your wishes to your love ones or customers. We will make sure each is prepared with love and IDEAS.

Home Decoration

Home is where our heart belongs. No matter where we travel, we will always go back home finally. A home is a place to rest, to share, to enjoy, to recharge, to feel peace, etc. The home decoration items that we bring to you are specially hand picked or designed by us and hopefully it will improve your lifestyle or bring a natural WOW factor to your home. We are willing to pay your house a visit in order for us to come up with something that is uniquely blends into home’s environment. Just let us know. (Terms and conditions apply).

Events Decoration

Bloom loves projects! Huge or small projects... most important is the WOW Factor after the project is completed. Projects are where we can let our creativity flows. This is also where we can express ourselves freely. We are good in highlighting your brands, your identity or the message that you want to deliver to your guests or customers.
We think one of the most important elements (Besides IDEAS) for projects and events is commitment. There is no Take 2 and the need of deliver it on time is very clear to us. We commit and we will make sure we deliver. In the process, we will make sure you have a good time with us.


We know this magical moment very well. We know you want it to be beautiful and as perfect as your partner. We are here to create for you a memory for a lifetime!

Product Launches

We know product launches and we know how important the identity of a brand to your company. Our experience in corporate world, our access to huge base of suppliers and the most important our IDEAS will give you the WOW Factor to impress your customers.

Shop Decoration

We do not just put flowers at yr shop, we create the ambiance and we create an art to compliment your shop. All decorations can be gear to the theme your product is having.
Trust us, customers will be impressed and if they ask just let them know Bloom The Floral Shop was here!

Windows Display

We believe a lot in Windows Display in the retail world. This is the first impression you are giving to the customers besides the brand. Attractive windows display will attract customer to walk in and explore your shop. Windows display is also important to highlight your products to the customer.

Gifts for Corporate Events

We know organizing big event will keep you very busy. Let us handle the gift and the decoration part. We will ensure the guest has strong impression and remember it after a very long time. This will also be the talk in town that you will hear again and again about your event.

Awards Ceremony

We loves award! Celebrate it with flowers! We decorate the halls and create the ambiance require to make your ceremony lively depending on type of award. We can make it very formal and elegant as well.

Anything That Is Not the List

As long as you need IDEAS, we have it. Explore it with us, you will be WOWed! We can be contacted at info@bloom2u.com or drop by at one of our outlets today!