Breezy Bud, Inc. has devoted itself since its founding to manufacturing high quality industrial blowers and fans. Our customers appreciate our dedication to working with them to produce a blower that meets their requirements.

Our blowers are engineered to run continuously trouble-free.  Our blowers have a number of features that contribute to our blower’s efficiency and long operating life. Some of these features include high quality materials expertly assembled, ease-of-maintenance, low vibration, and low noise operation. Listed below are some of the types of blowers that we manufacture:

- Casting Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blower
- Casting Single-Stage Centrifugal Blower
- Clean Room Fan
- Conveyor Blower
- Corrosion Resistance Blower (Titanium, Hastelloy, etc)
- Cutter and Trim Blower
- Gas-Tight Booster (1~15kg/cm2G, depend on system required.)
- Gas-Tight Blower
- High Temperature Resistance Blower 900 deg-C
- Spark Resistance Blower
- Wear Resistance Blower

- Caron steel
- Casting iron, Casting aluminum alloy
- Austenite stainless steel
- Hastelloy
- INCOLOY alloy 800HT
- Ni-Cr alloy
- Ni-Cu alloy
- Ni-Mo-Cr alloy
- Ni-Si alloy
- Fe-Cr-Ni alloy
- 1.4529

Product Users
- GS Engineering & Construction Corp.
- Formosa Plastics Group
- EBARA Corporation
- KAWASAKI Heavy Industries, Ltd.
- Corning Display Technologies Taiwan Company, Ltd.
- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
- Powerchip Semiconductor Corp.
- Macronix International Co., Ltd.
- DuPont-Far Eastern Company Limited
- INVISTA Far Eastern Petrochemicals Limited
- FAR EASTERN Textile Ltd.
- AU Optronics Corporation