Dr. Niama L. Williams is the guiding force behind Blowing Up Barriers Enterprises, a start-up company that specializes in leading you to the life you have dreamed of living but can't quite seem to get to on your own.  

She is the author of nine books, each describing her survival of trauma and celebrating those who have assisted her as she's walked her path.  Each title is currently copyright protected, possesses an ISBN and is printed on demand through Lulu.com.  Three of these titles are available as audiobooks on iAmplify.com.

Dr. Ni’s intuitive counseling practice is a direct outgrowth of her personal experience, her intuitive gifts, the writing of her own story, her years of textual analysis as a literature professor, and her desire to assist survivors of trauma.  Her practice operates from her home in Norristown, PA.

Dr. Ni also facilitates two workshop series, "Affirming the Fully Imagined Life"—geared toward those who are “stuck” and can’t seem to get unstuck--and "It's Okay To Want:  Eroticism and the Survival of Sexual Trauma.”  In addition to these workshop series, Dr. Ni has a growing list of seven stand-alone workshops that address either spiritual growth or creative writing.  These individual workshops typically span a four-hour time period and feed in to the workshop series.

The first Saturday of every month Dr. Ni interviews authors on "Poetry & Prose & Anything Goes with Dr. Ni" under the auspices of BlogTalkRadio.com.  She encourages authors to use their voices to speak of what matters most to them, and thrives on those who tell personal stories, either their own or those of their characters.