By writing about the latest and most innovative Art Styles, Artist and Gameplay Mechanics coming out of the Video Game Industry, I'm hoping  that we can inspire other studios and developers in the industry to build off the creative ideas that have been pioneered by others.  
Especially the unique ideas that have been pioneered by less well known games. There’s a large portion of the indie game market that is regularly coming up with incredible ideas that go largely unnoticed. Despite their limited resources they managed to come with some breath taking art style or a really incredible gameplay system, and I think if we at blqcksheep promote them and their ideas we create the dual benefit of giving them a larger platform to showcase their game and also we help integrate their ideas into the larger consciousness of the video game industry, where they can percolate through the minds of other artist and developer and be further iterated upon.
Because Visual Art has the potential to be gripping even while separated from the context of a game, a large part of our site is dedicated on promoting the concept artist within the industry, who themselves do a lot of groundwork in comping up with the unique style of a game