BLUE BAIKAL is the third space where consumers, content, and creators around the world are connected through blockchain technology. It pursues cultural diversity and integrity in the entertainment business, as well as a fair distribution of profits.

The process of how entertainment content is produced and delivered to the consumers barely involves the consumers or fans’ participation. The industrial structure based on huge capital also brings many restrictions in developing Indie content.

If consumers could act as an active agent in the entertainment business through blockchain, the current restrictive entertainment industry structure will experience many positive innovations.

BLUE BAIKAL aims to utilize blockchain in the investment and circulation of content within content production, and promotions after being released for user retention. This will involve active engagement of content consumers and influencers. BLUE BAIKAL will support their growth to bring a new sensation in the current entertainment industrial structure. The profits earned during this process will be fairly distributed to each participant as rewards and/ or dividends based on their contributions.

BLUE BAIKAL’s overall service structure combines crowdfunding services tailored to social media, digital contents store, and entertainment projects, all of which operate on BBC tokens.
BLUE BAIKAL is composed of experts in the content, platform, and online services industries, as well as, advisors from around the world.