Both Barb and her husband Ken have experience in travel and tourism, enough to purchase a beach front condominium in the Virgin Islands and immediately market its rental capabilities thru Distrib2U and their web creation Caribeblue.com.  From there with experience gained in their Caribbean venture Barbara developed an information site about St. Croix that attracts an average 500 visitors daily.  StCroix-Beaches.com has helped travelers going to visit and to live on St. Croix in the USVI for over the past decade.

Barb’s husband, Ken, not to be over shadowed by his wife’s accomplishments put his digital photography skills along with art and web design experience together on day and created Photo-ER which offers a needed service repairing and restoring heavily damaged photographs.  “Photo-ER was a hub of restoration talent, Ken and Distrib2U now have a place to showcase their talents and while offering meaningful services restoring damaged photos world wide.”, Barbara said.  

Additionally, Distrib2U has developed numerous informational web sites covering subjects from acne prevention, weight Control, sight disorder, product information and EBay sales utilizing their vast network of product distributors.  It was the EBay experience that propelled Distrib2U to engage in formal education of Internet retail sales.

Extensive training since June 2011, most by Barbara has involved months of tutored training and hands on experience. Meanwhile Ken maintains and promotes Photo-ER.com and CaribeBlue.com their rental venture, while learning and implementing the many different aspects of ecommerce marketing.