Blue Energy Technologies is organized around three business lines and three geographical areas. The business lines are Services, Steam System Efficiency Solutions, and HVAC Efficiency. The areas are North America, South America, and Europe. These areas are responsible for sales, the provision of services that meet customers’ needs and the support of project deliveries in their respective regions.

The Services business line provides customers with steam and cooling system surveys, audits and preparation of project proposals for improvements.

The Steam system efficiency solutions provide Venturi steam trap technologies solutions for industrial steam systems. The projects range from Venturi steam trap equipment deliveries to complete steam trap retrofit. Our Venturi steam trap technology is proven across many industry sectors, from food and beverage, pulp and paper, chemicals and petrochemicals, to hospitals, pharmaceuticals, tire manufacturing, laundries, and more.

The HVAC efficiency line delivers ADIABATIC PRE-COOLING PANEL SYSTEM for air-cooled chillers and rooftops that increase cooling capacity and decrease electricity consumption in hot weather conditions.