Blue Flowers Org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization empowering women and the men in their lives against prostate cancer operating locally in Atlanta, GA and the metropolitan Washington, DC area.

Co-founded in 2014 in honor of Gilbert Eugene Crawford, Sr. who lost his 12 year fight against prostate cancer after a stage 4 diagnosis, Gilbert's daughter Valerie Crawford-Schiele and grand-daughter Shavonn Crawford-Richardson empower other women going through the same experience and their families with awareness, education and resources to be advocates for the men in their lives. Women make over 80% of the medical decisions for their families and play an active role in getting the men in their lives screened for prostate cancer.

Blue Flowers Org empowers women through three programs: "Prostate Cancer Care 360 (TM)" providing resources supporting mental, physical and spiritual affects of prostate cancer for women and their families, "Bridging the Gap" seeks to minimize healthcare disparities and improve prostate cancer research for minorities, and "Prostate Cancer Education Connections" is their prostate cancer education program designed to create prostate cancer awareness for women.

Learn more about our programs and the work this mother-daughter duo is doing to fight prostate cancer by visiting www.blueflowers.org.