Bluegrass Blends Debuts Rockfield Natural Cigarette Alternatives
Product contains field greens, but no tobacco or nicotine
BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- Bluegrass Blends USA has introduced Rockfield Natural Cigarette Alternatives. The new cigarette concept uses a patent-pending blend of a variety of field greens that are harvested and processed through flue curing to produce a premium smoke similar to a tobacco-like product but without the tobacco, nicotine and nitrosamines.
Nicotine it is not a component or derivative of the natural leafy blend used to produce the product; therefore, there is no nicotine to remove or special removal process required, the company said.
The three styles that are currently available include Rockfield Red 100s, Rockfield Gold 100s and Rockfield Menthol 100s.
The cigarettes sells for up to 70% less than traditional cigarettes, the company said, in part because they are not subject to Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) tobacco taxes. They also offer a higher profit margins for retailers, according to the company.
"Rockfield may also be utilized with other cessation aids to fulfill the consumers need to engage in the activity of smoking while breaking free from nicotine addiction," Bluegrass Blends USA said.
On its website, the company said, "The producers of Rockfield do not encourage those who do not currently smoke to begin smoking Rockfield, but if you are currently a tobacco smoker, Rockfield can be a viable non-nicotine, non-nitrosamine alternative."
It added, "A great deal of long time smokers express that quitting smoking is not only a battle to overcome the nicotine addiction, but a challenge to give up the sensory pleasure of the activity and taste. The pleasure many smokers' point out that is absent when trying to abstain from cigarettes is the powerful desire to engage in the hand-to-mouth activity of smoking. Not only [do smokers find] themselves reaching for a pencil or a pen on anything handy to chew on, but the pleasure derived from the taste experience is a prime reason many smokers fail when attempting to lay their cigarette habit aside. Rockfield brand cigarette alternatives can suffice on both measures by allowing the smoker to continue to engage in the familiar activity as well enjoy the similar taste experience to which they were accustomed with their previous brand."
Bluegrass Blends will market Rockfields to smoke shops and convenience store throughout the United States; they are also available to be purchased on the company's website and shipped into any state where not prohibited due to state tax laws.
Rockfields are not considered a safe alternative to tobacco brands, the company said. "Neither Rockfield nor any tobacco cigarette can be labeled as "safe" or without risks," it said. "Individuals should consider the conclusions of the U.S. Surgeon General , the Centers for Disease Control and other public health and medical professionals when making decisions regarding smoking any tobacco cigarette or cigarette alternative. For any individual concerned about their health, the best course is to quit smoking; however, as one considers their options to ease the transition of quitting, Rockfield can bridge the gap from smoking tobacco, which contains nicotine and carcinogens, to the day when they can quit smoking altogether."
Bowling Green, Ky.-based Bluegrass Blends is a registered Kentucky Limited Liability Company.