Men's shed charity that does community work for the elderly and disabled, doing handyman jobs when no family support is available. Mowing lawns and doing house repairs, installing shade cloths and wheelchair ramps. Fixing fences and repairing verandahs.

Also we do repairs for non-profit charities, schools, child care centres and retirement villages. repairs to garden furniture for the local children's hospital and installing raised garden beds. Our charity work also helps the local retirement villages, supporting mini men's sheds for the male residents.

Our funding is by way of public grants and local sponsors, running raffles in the local shopping centres. Charity projects are run on first come, but sometimes we are asked to do urgent work which takes the top of our list of community activities.

We act as a mentor for our volunteers and teach each other new skills with our equipment. Donations to our charity is appreciated, by way of tools, paint and wood donations. Any money we get goes into the running of our men's shed. If we get specific grant funding then it is used for the designated purpose we applied for.