Since 2004, Bluemind Software's mission is to bring its contribution to the world through innovative and useful software products and through quality custom software development services (for example, the website development services comply with the ISO/IEC 15445 standard specifications).

Bluemind Software is dedicated to the idea of custom software development and is intended to be a stable business partner for time to come. Therefore, they also offer the possibility and look forward to continue projects with upgrade development and maintenance.

Some of the aspects that differentiate Bluemind Software: their team already has good experience developing 3D applications, CAD/CAM systems, engineering software, scientific software, multimedia applications, applications that combine desktop and web; they collaborate with experienced and talented web designers for creating truly original websites.

Bluemind Software also collaborates with staff of the 'Transilvania' University of Brasov (involved in innovative European projects) and other institutions and, therefore, has access to specialists in several areas.

Bluemind Software is partner in a research consortium that includes universitiesand research institutes from Italy, France, Mexico, Greece and Romania.

In the automotive industry it is known for developing 3DCar™ and engineering software.

Bluemind Software's website is http://www.bluemind-software.ro.