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blurbshare gives you the opportunity to share information with your internet neighbors from around the world.  Do you have the recipe for the most delicious apple pie anyone has ever tasted?  Blurb it!  Have you discovered the best, hidden restaurant in the village of Pape’ete, Tahiti?  Blurb that too!  Have you created a work-out plan that will make your biceps as big as bowling balls?  Then blurb that as well!

You can blurb anything.  And everyone can blurb.

Once you blurb, you are sharing a piece of yourself and your experiences with millions of your neighbors around the globe.  And being the good neighbors that they are, we’re sure that they’ll share something with you.

So take a look around and see what your neighbors are saying.  Read about life at Schoolville University.  Learn easy ways to start that remodeling project you have always been putting off.  Get lost in that short story by the undiscovered Hemingway of the next generation.

This site is yours.

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