Sapphire Butterflies Organization is a Christian based organization created for young girls and boys ages 8-17. We are committed to being culturally sensitive as we address the issues related to bullying, low self esteem, abusiveness and one's self image some of our youth have experienced or maybe going through today.

Through prayer, community involvement, and various events, the Sapphire Butterflies organization will strive to offer our youth of every race, creed, or color an opportunity to experience a strong sense of GOD and help make a positive choice through the world of the Arts.

SBO is an after-school , performance-based enrichment program for the inner city youth. SBO is non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to promoting human development through the use of innovative performance base in the Arts.

The Sapphire Butterflies Organization is now an approved vendor for Houston Inpendent School District.

The Sapphire Butterflies Organization is also launching a magazine called "The Scene Teen Fashion & Sports Magazine".

The idea and concept of the birth of the unique magazine is to reach out to the at-risk-youth & teens is the surrounding communities in Fort Bend and Metropolitan Houston.
In today’s society our youth success is measured by their character, up standing qualities, their discrimination, and lifestyle.
The Mission for the Sapphire Butterflies Scene Teen Fashion & Sports Magazine is to allow our at-risk-youth an opportunity to be creative and owners of their own product. Their involvement of this magazine will teach these youth the following:

•     Creativity
•     Character Building/Development
•     Team Work
•     Responsibility
•     Ownership
•     Leadership
•     Communication Skills
•     Marketing
•     Entrepreneurship
This magazine will be a positive investment for these teens’ lives and an opportunity to be involved in a venture that can help with scholarship funding for college and their future.
The magazine will consist of:
•     Fashion
•     High School Sports
•     The Teen Corner
•     Community News
•     Upcoming Events
•     Ask Sapphire
•     The Editors Corner
•     And More
The Teens will work as writers, reporters, fashion gurus’, etc. in order to be a part of the publishing of their magazine.
Advertising of the magazine will be from Pediatric offices, children boutiques and/or stores. I would really love to get touch with some local football, basketball, baseball, etc. personnel that the young boys and/or girls can actually interview for the magazine.
The ultimate goal of this magazine is to have 100 copies in book stores, newsstands, grocery stores, etc. wherever magazines are sold. By doing this, this will encourage these youth to work even harder to achieve their goals and dreams.
Our goal is to have the magazine ready to launch in 2013.
All proceeds  raised and earned from this magazine will be set up as an educational scholarship for the teen staffed in the development and the publishing of the "Scene Teen Fashion & Sports Mgazine".