In 1994, we had a vision to create Panama's most professional and person-oriented company, assisting in General Private Investigations throughout the country.  We weren't the first, but we strived to be the best.  Almost 30 years later, BMI, Inc. has since expended its vision to include all of Latin America as well as other parts of the globe.  As members of the world's most prestigious investigations associations, we naturally expanded that vision as well as our reach, to bring this same sense of professionalism to all Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Major Brands, Corporations and Individuals in the region.  Our team is comprised of former Law Enforcement, Former Military Leaders, and esteemed graduates in Criminal Investigations and Security.

Brett Mikkelson, Founder and Director of B.M. Investigations and M1 Consultants, Inc. in Panama, is considered by his peers to be one of the leading Investigators in Latin America. Brett is one of the more internationally active Private Investigators and is a recent Past President of the Council of International Investigators; presently he serves as CII’s Executive Regional Director evaluating the vetting process of all new member applications and working with Regional Directors in their capacity as area coordinators.

As a United States Army Interrogator from 1987-1994, Brett was involved in several missions relating to the capture, review and dissemination of information leading ultimately to the prosecution of Manual Antonio Noriega under the Foreign Military Intelligence Activities program as well as a Force Protection team leader in several countries in Latin America including Ecuador, Guatemala and of course Panama.  He continued serving his country as an Intelligence Specialist as well as the Geospatial Imaging and Mapping Director for Special Operations Command with the US Southern Command (SOCSOUTH) coordinating multiple timely logistics-related missions throughout the region including the recovery of lost hikers in Costa Rica, extraction of injured US military teams in Ecuador, earthquake survivors in Colombia as well as the rescue of survivors and the recovery of human remains during Hurricane Mitch in Honduras.

As a Private Investigator for nearly 30 years, Brett’s accomplishments expand throughout the region as well, including several high-profile investigations such as Wrongful Death Investigations of a World-Reknown CEO's son in El Salvador, K&R Investigations in Mexico and Venezuela for Lloyd’s of London, Criminal Investigations of Corrupt Politicians leading to their arrest and prosecution, and dozens of successful Child Kidnapping Recovery cases.

Brett is presently the primary Security Advisor one of Panama’s largest and more prominent families, conducting investigations, coordinating protective services and resolving their security needs.