Started in 1985 by Founder & Chairman, Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI is the world's largest business networking  organization.

The organization has almost 200,000 members in almost 8,000 local chapters throughout every populated continent of the world.

in 2014 alone, BNI generated 6.6 million referrals resulting in $8.6 Billion dollars' worth of business for its members. We offer members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals.

The philosophy of this organization is built upon the idea of "Givers GainĀ®": By giving business to others, you will get business in return. This is predicated on the age-old idea of "What goes around, comes around."

The mission of BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals

The BNI NYC Outer Boroughs Region is made up of local chapters in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, New York.  Timothy M. Houston is the Area Director Consultant for the region.