Licensed insurance agent since 1995, Bob Novotney is a Regional Manager with USA Benefits Group, a nationwide network of insurance professionals who have been serving small business owners and the self-employed since 1988.  USA Benefits Group's independent agents offer Critical Illness Plans, Accident Plans, Medicare Supplements and many other benefits including options for those individuals with significant pre-existing conditions, in addition to our high quality Life Insurance products. The plans offered fit every budget and lifestyle; whether you’re a recent graduate, self-employed, retiring early, or working without insurance coverage. One could be just right for you.

Personal note from Bob:
As an independent insurance agent I am well aware that financial products like Cash-Value Life Insurance can be confusing and a bit hard to understand as you research and evaluate how Cash-Value Life Insurance best fits into your financial planning needs. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or if you need an experienced advisors to walk you through various scenarios to see if Cash-Value Life Insurance is the right strategy to meet your family’s needs. Simply fill out the following Contact Us form and I will be right with you. make important decisions every day. Shouldn't choosing the right insurance agent and the right insurance plan be one of them?

I represent companies that provide Affordable Health Coverage that is built just for you.

A tailored approach to Health Insurance Coverage means customers can...

Select the right level of protection for you and your family
Comprehensive Health Insurance
Fixed Indemnity Medical Insurance

Add more coverage for life''s unpredictable moments such as:

Critical Illness
Accidental Injury
Accidental Disability
And, Life Protection

When requesting more information ask me about 1st Dollar benefits for Dr. Office visits, Rx & Wellness.