“If you have a project to complete but you do not have expertise in the construction industry, we have the solution.”

Real estate developments are invariably complex, consisting of many interrelated aspects, and require a significant investment in time. BOAS Consult deals with this complexity, assuming control of the whole process as your representative, therefore making your project more efficient and freeing you time to run your own business.

With a deep expertise in the construction industry, we advise and represent corporate and private clients that seeks for a successful relation between cost and benefits and for those who do not fully or accurately comprehend all the pre-construction and construction aspects related to a project’s lifecycle.

We work in collaboration with our clients to ensure that their objectives are always the prime consideration for every decision making. We advise and represent them in controlling and facilitating the construction processes, identifying complex problems, and implementing effective solutions and methodology.

We bring our expertise to an extensive range of sectors of the construction industry, including industrial, commercial offices, residential, retail, mixed-use and hospitality, regardless of the project's size or complexity, combining global experience with local knowledge from the pre-construction until the construction closeout. Among others, our services include:

Feasibility Studies
Support on Property Acquisition;
Project and Construction Audit;
Value Management;
Global Cost Control;
Closed Architectural Competitions;
Assembling of Project and Construction Team;
Bidding Process Strategy and Overview;
Project and Construction Strategy and Overview;
Change Order Analysis;
Construction Closeout;

For our clients these services translate into:

Unbiased assessment of the construction processes;
Improved value of the capital invested;
Speed with Quality;
Integration of strategy, communication and processes;
Time to run their own business.