Eric Stone Mini Biography
Eric Stone’s career so far has produced 8 CD’s in a genre that can only be described as Nautical Americana. His music draws influences from his travels around the globe performing in over 9 countries and 35 US States. He has done shows in Australia, England, Costa Rica, Antigua, British & US Virgin Islands and Bahamas to name a few.

In 1995 Eric decided he wanted to write songs for a living and moved to Nashville, TN. Within a week of arriving he was signed to a publishing deal with Be-Cool records. Eric also wrote songs for Famous Music, Sony Tree, Forest Creek Publishing and many more. Eric performed his won vocals on demo tapes and caught the ear of Producer Kenny Royster of Direct Image Studios. They began to write together and Kenny talked Eric into making a CD. That CD became Songs For Sail. Eric continued to write for Nashville publishing companies and then got a break. He was hired to perform at the 1999 Strictly Sail Boat show by show manager Kevin Murphy. Eric jumped at the chance and put on a great show. He was asked after his performance if he would like to become the official entertainer for all Strictly Sail shows. He agreed. It was at the same show in ’99 that Eric met Bob Bitchin of Latitudes & Attitudes Sailing Magazine. It was a fledgling magazine so Eric approached Bob and asked him to listen to his CD to possibly carry it in the magazine. Within minutes Bob signed on and Eric became one of the first recording artists carried in the magazine. Bob also asked Eric if he could perform at the upcoming St. Petersburg Strictly sail show at his annual Cruisers Party. That set the stage for what has been a long ride. Eric has performed at many, many Lats & Atts Cruisers Parties all over the US and abroad and continues to this day. In 2004 Bob asked Eric if he could write a theme song for a pilot television show he was doing on sailing. It was to be called, believe it or not, “Latitudes & Attitudes”. Eric wrote and recorded a song of the same name and its opens every show now on the Water Channel. They are approaching their 4 th season. Eric’s music is used exclusively in the show.

In 2005 Eric began writing a novel that had been eating his brain for many years. The novel is called “The Bayou”. It is a mystery thriller with a twist. It is set in the bayous of East Texas where Eric grew up and takes the reader on a wild ride to New Orleans the Gulf of Mexico and Florida Keys to the Caribbean.” The story is full of Voodoo, Hoodoo and kinds of weird shit”. _Capt. Ron

The twist is that each chapter is also the title of a song. A CD will accompany the book and closely follow each chapter. It’s been a dream of Eric’s to do this for many years and is close to coming to fruition. The book/CD will be released sometime in 2007. In the meantime Eric continues to write songs. His 9 th CD will be a departure from the last 8.

Eric will record his next CD with Kenny Royster but it will be more of an acoustic CD than any before it. It also will include new influences and vibes from artists such as Jack Johnson, Chris Isaak, Lyle Lovett and more. Eric’s “Boatsongs Collection” comprises of 6 CD’s including:

Songs For Sail 1999
The Legend OF The Lost Soul 2001
Permanently Temporary 2002
Sail America Live 2003
Long Boards & Short Stories 2004
Great White Christmas 2005

Eric’s Scuba Collection includes:
The Pool Sessions
Check Out Dive
Eric’s newest CD due out in 2006 is at this time untitled. His lyrics will continue to engulf the listener and take them on fantasies and dream vacations. His musical style is ever progressing and growing and will never get stagnate. Keep your ears and eyes open for new releases and always remember one thing.

Don’t dream you life, Live your dream!

Eric is the official entertainer for the Sail America Boatshows and for the past five years has entertained guests at Strictly Sail Chicago, Miami, St. Pete, Atlantic City, Oakland and at the Ft. Lauderdale Boatshow.

If you have a special event, big or small that calls for great music i.e. corporate parties, luaus, weddings, yacht club functions, marina parties, grand openings, conventions or any event where top notch entertainment is needed, then you need Eric Stone. Eric performs a vide variety of cover tunes as well as many songs from his 8 original CD's. Book him today for your next event. You'll be glad you did.