Bobbijo Frazier eliminates misconceptions about Honeymoon Travel Plans and explains how your lifetime travel together can be so enriching.
The three mistakes honeymooners make in planning their honeymoon.

Aurora, CO - November 12 - When planning your spectacular honeymoon trip, it is possible to get more for your money.

When most people are planning for their wedding and their honeymoon, they tend to focus only on “the big event.” A wedding event ranks as one of the most cherished times for many.  Even though the event is justifiably “big”, thinking ahead to your entire life together is well worth it when planning a honeymoon.

So we go on to consider a trip to Fiji, Cancun, the Bahamas or Caribbean for a fun time in the sun. Most couples conduct major planning for their honeymoon trip and not much of the life afterward together. So after coming home from that fabulous honeymoon trip to the Bahamas, cards and flowers for the 1st anniversary are a bit melodramatic. Why not plan for a lifetime of vacations together, so each and every anniversary can be as memorable as the honeymoon or better?

A decade ago, buying a timeshare together as newlyweds promised a vacation every year. Times have changed and there is a more affordable way to plan for a fun vacation together every year. Bobbijo Frazier stated, “Ten years ago, my new husband and I did exactly that - we purchased a timeshare dreaming of always having a great vacation together every year. Instead, what we bought was a depreciating asset and a yearly tax bill. That’s why I was so thrilled to find out about Coastal Vacations which eliminates the need for actually owning a timeshare but the benefits are similar or even better. I have the very wonderful opportunity to help couples just starting out to plan and enjoy numerous inexpensive vacations together from the start.”

Frazier is the owner of a vacation club business that offers vacation packages for wholesale prices to the public. “I like to focus on helping new couples and turn our well-intentioned costly mistake into helping someone.”

And, it’s proven fact that vacations are great for your health. A simple change of environment gives a new adventure to a couple leaving the “hum drum” behind. Time alone gives the benefit of what attracted you to your spouse in the first place.

Relaxation has proven to be an essential part of our health walk. It’s just simply nice to have a break and your body will feel better as a result of it. After all, if you are playing at the beach having a relaxing time, you have time to dream new dreams together or reinvent the forgotten ones that were tossed aside by daily obligations. This is priceless in a marriage.
While relaxing, there is time for dreaming about our future.  With a little more time on our hands, we have time to decide what it is that we actually want. When we move forward with a clear vision, knowing what we truly desire, we can dream, visualize and plan in that direction.

Exposure to new things and new ways of thinking gives us an open perspective to how others live, play or enjoy life.  We will find ourselves inspired and often become even more thankful for what we already have.  More appreciation in any relationship will go far.

Now that's a great lifetime together.
With the Coastal Vacations package, couples and the public have access to unlimited vacation accommodations at seriously discounted prices.   Everyone who travels or wants to travel on a regular basis deserves to search for this better way to travel.    

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Bobbijo Frazier, a Coastal Vacations Director, focuses her energy helping couples enjoy their honeymoon trip, but also insuring they have an inexpensive way to enjoy luxury vacations their entire lifetime.

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