Britain Street Consulting can help answer three questions:
1. How much money do you need in retirement?
2. Where is it going to come  from?
3. Don't you want some control over it?

Sales and Marketing Consulting. We provide services to assist in start up of online business for retired individuals. Services include finding  how much you need to retire, how to fund retirement, how much does a new business cost, how to write a press release, find your niche, promote your products and services using facebook, linkedin, email campaigns, and Google ads.

If you are nearing or already in retirement and need some additional income, the best source may be an online business which you operate from home selling products or services over the Internet.

You may also want to write and self-publish e-books which you sell over the Internet through your own website or through Apple, Amazon, Google, Barnes and Noble or dozens of other retail book distributors. We can show you how to start the process and make plenty of money to supplement your retirement income.

I am Bob Smith, PMP, the owner of Britain Street Consulting, Inc. and I am 80 years old so I know about retirement. I have been through at least half of a long retirement and I want to share my successes and my failures with you. I have nothing to sell except my personal services--no insurance, no land, no investment programs, no annuities.

If you are nearing retirement and want to discuss it with me, give me a call (no charge for first phone or email).  513 827 0945 or bob@bobsmithwriter.com. Here's to your success for a long healthy and wealthy retirement.