Bocada has incorporated over 15 years of innovation and industry expertise to set the standard for backup reporting. We offer our customers an independent validation of backup performance. From a single browser-based view customers gain insights into a broad range of operational metrics and can perform accelerated troubleshooting. Our reporting automates key IT functions by enabling users to drill down to each specific backup job to accelerate troubleshooting and issue resolution. Bocada reduces the overall cost of backup operations and assures systems administrators have time to focus on the highest priority activities. IT environments in merged or consolidating business units can quickly centralize reporting without making changes to data storage technology.

Bocada offers 70 standard report types upon installation.  All reports are highly configurable, allowing customers to generate reports tailored to specific internal and external reporting needs.

Our products are built using an open architecture to allow for custom report creation and integration with third party data and solutions.  Reports using custom SQL queries can be created, edited, and saved by users. Alternatively we offer professional services to create custom reports to meet each customer’s specific requirements.