Body Electric

works by
Hercules Fisherman

25th October – 14th Nov

The Apogee
3 Leicester Place
London WC2H 7BP

This is an exploration, a shared experience by the artist, model and the viewer. Jet black inks piercing through wafer thin rice paper, high blotting properties, incredibly tensile for its measure. A combination that leaves little room for corrections, every mark soaked through and defined. Plays well with the artist as he does not own an eraser. He sees drawing as  a free flow of energy. To erase is to reduce or diminish its impact. As in Whitman, influences of Khayyam and Tao philosophies are very much evident.
Bodies bare to their natural state represent freedom and liberation, contrasting socio-political dogmas and strictures.

“ ...The circling rivers the breath, and breathing it in and out,
The beauty of the waist, and thence of the hips, and thence downward
toward the knees,
The thin red jellies within you or within me ...”
I Sing the Body Electric
by Walt Whitman
Brief Biography
Painter, artist, publisher, technologist, business intelligence expert, startup evangelist, a serial entrepreneur in media, communications design and publishings.
Founding CTO architect of  Fizzback Enterprise Platform, handling customer communication feedbacks, dashboard analytic, opinion mining and process automations, capable of  handling thousands of concurrent transactions at a time.
He regularly organised or curated events for exhibitions, arts clubs and was an active member of Brixton Poets Society while holding residencies at De Fabrik (art center) in Holland and the Fridge London.
He has worked in variety of mediums in sculpture, painting, installations and performance art. His works have been on display in events and venues internationally in  Spain – Barcelona ,  Arthouse in Ireland, Edinburgh Festival, Riverside Studios in London and in private collections globally. With appearances and critical acclaims in mainstream medias such as channel4, Guardian, Sunday times, Evening standard, Arts review, Harpers & Queens, Face and Arts Monthly. As a publisher of Our Wonderful Culture, he produced periodicals as well as art books and fineart prints. He has gained prestigious national recognition artists status award in Ireland and  a British council awards.

Academic Education
Behzad  school of Fine Art – Diploma 1975-77 Tehran
Crodyon College of Arts – Fine Art 1979-82 Croydon
London Collge of Printing -Diplioma DCSP 1985-86 London
Middlesex University – Masters Computing in design 1991-92 London