Body Renew is Idaho's Premiere Fitness and Tanning Studio.

Rather than giving you 'just a gym', we've created an incredible fitness studio that is focused on getting RESULTS.

Whatever your goal may be:

■Weight Loss
■Endurance Training
■Boot Camps
■Strength & Conditioning
■General Maintenance

We have a multitude of approaches to help move you toward your goals.

We offer a variety of options to assist everyone towards reaching their goals.  Whether it is our individualized 1-on-1 Personal Training, our online Solutions program that allows you to track your progress, track your eating habits, log your workouts or just have a trainer put together something for you to follow.  Not to mention our Group Fitness Classes, Boot Camps, Free Weights, Circuit Machines, Cardio, Kids Fitness classes, Core (Ab's) programs or just whatever.  We will help push you safely and effectively to your goals!