The Boilers Cast Net is a family-run company in southeast Louisiana specializing in creating premium boiling bags for the seafood boiling industry. The company is also in the process of creating a dipping sauce (Ruckus Sauce) and a cookbook (After the Boil...). Along with the aforementioned products, the Boilers Cast Net team enters cooking competitions, gives free catering events for non-profit organizations and caters events and parties. As of April of 2018, the Boilers Cast Net team is the champion in the biggest crawfish cookoff in the state of Louisiana (Mambo Crawfish Festival).

Our flagship product, the Boilers Cast Net, is a 24" X 16" 100% polyester mesh bag that protects all of your side food items in a traditional seafood boil. The creator spent months researching and collaborating with manufacturers to create a boiling with big enough mesh holes to let the cooks seasoning in yet small enough to keep the components intact and safe. The Boilers Cast Net is so strong it will last years being subjected to high heats and is also machine-washable. This tool is the perfect companion for any backyard boiler or seafood chef.

Ruckus Sauce! is a product that was created two years ago as a homemade dip for boiled side-items and turned into a local phenom! The blend is a habanero-infused creole dipping sauce that is absolutely divine when paired with boiled side items (potatoes, sausage) and oh-so-good with your everyday foods (burgers, sandwiches, po-boys, fries). As of September 2018 the sauce is being developed by a Louisiana bottling company for public consumption.

After the Boil... is a cookbook that brings together all of the ingredients from your backyard boil into dishes one can enjoy during breakfast, lunch or dinner throughout the week! As of September 2018, editing is being completed and publishing will commence shortly after.

The Boilers Cast Net team are the people that bring this company together in the form of delicious foods for competitive events, fundraising for non-profits, catering services and good ol' fashion backyard boiling!