O3Bin is the world's first revolutionary kitchen bin, with a registered patent, which keeps your kitchen fresh and clean. The quiet and smooth closing hands-free lid, combined with a UV light that kills most micro-organisms and bacteria, keeps your kitchen cleaner and you healthier!

The UV light eliminates odours and micro-organisms by creating ozone gas inside the waste receptacle. Ozone is a form of oxygen (O3) which works as a powerful oxidizing agent. Once the lid is closed, the UV light activates to begin eliminating odours immediately. The LED indicator light on the lid illuminates when the UV light is active. The alert buzzer beeps when the lid is not closed correctly or when the lid is open for more than 30 seconds.

O3Bin with its functional, smooth with a contemporary design is available in 2 sizes (18L & 30L) and 6 different colours (Matt Silver, Mirror Silver, White, Cream, Red and Black); it's the quintessential homeware for a healthier and cleaner home.