You're about to meet five senior creatives who will save you money and grow your business. A bold promise for sure but we will deliver on it. Here's our pitch: Take your traditional agency, be it for brand, design or interactive, keep the work, assuming you like it, and strip away everything else. We believe direct access to experienced creative producers will make your marketing efforts more efficient. By simplifying the process less is lost in translation, thinking is clearer, more gets done. And we make sure it's done on strategy. That way, we remain focused just on matters essential. In today's economy, it really pays to know the difference between wheat and chaff. Don't you agree? Talk to us about your next advertising, design or web project. We promise to deliver only what you need: exciting brand building ideas, sparkling executions, and no fat.

Jason Dauphinee |I remember clearly, at the age of 4, sitting for hours, watching my mom paint. I was fascinated by art and the emotions it evokes. Later, I would realize the power it wields as a communication tool. My career began learning the old school art of hand lettering billboards, paste-up typography and gold leaf signage. I honed my design and communication skills as a member of the creative team at Malahat Group, where I was responsible for production, design and art direction on a variety of major local and international clients. DDB Canada then asked me to join as senior art director on BC Ferries, Gateway Casinos and ARA Safety. Technology has taken art to new places. I'm ready now to apply it to everything from an elegant poster to an online social networking campaign, and offer it to you.

Rod J Grainger | Nearly 25 years ago, I met a guy from South Africa who had traveled the world with a Montblanc pen. He was a copywriter. I was a speechwriter for the Ontario government. Within a month, I too was a copywriter, at J Walter Thompson in Toronto, writing coupons and side panel copy. Soon though I was working on Labatt Blue, IBM and Champion Spark Plugs. Later, I moved to Montreal to work at Young & Rubicam. Then Ogilvy and Mather invited me overseas, and for 10 years I was a creative director in Africa, Europe and Asia. In 2002, I became the creative director at Malahat/DDB in Victoria. I've created big selling ideas for clients around the world. I write effectively in all media. I also produce and direct radio, TV and corporate videos. And I'm at your service.

Shon Taylor | Is.

Hugh Ruthven | After eight years as Director of Marketing for McDonald's Restaurants, and eight years as Managing Director of DDB's Vancouver office, I can say, the most important thing I've learned is that we all need to fall in love with change. Change is what keeps us fresh and it's what keeps our brands relevant. The creation of Bone is in response to clients needing change in how they work with creative people. Client partners need value and creative thinking in every step of their product or service journey. Creativity is my battery for life. Creativity in everything. Creativity in strategy. Creativity in primary research. Creativity in doing more with less. Making clients ask themselves questions about what they are really trying to do with their customers, and why their customers should care. I ask why a lot. That's my value proposition.

Francis Daigle | My work is largely process driven with a strong emphasis on the more creative aspects of development. The ability to leverage new and emerging technologies while maintaining security and stability is key. I believe that web standards are of the utmost importance - not only in terms of accessibility and consistency but also to insure future extensibility. Tasks that have traditionally been the domain of the desktop application are now migrating to the web. Having a strong web presence is more important now than it has ever been - the web is still the future. I enjoy puzzling out quality custom solutions from conception to deployment. This being said, I would prefer to let my work speak for itself.