Bongo Bay Mobile Local Fusion provides a place where you can have a deluxe business profile created to enhance your online presence and for a core fee per year your businesses verified information will be distributed to all major online outlets including:

   * Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing
   * Online Yellow Pages (Superpages, Yellowpages, YellowBook)
   * Social Networks such as Yelp
   * Portals and Guides such as AOL MapQuest, CitySearch
   * Cell Phones and Mobile (BlackBerry and iPhone)
   * 411 Directory Assistance
   * In-Car GPS Navigation and Telematics such as OnStar

What is Social Media Management?” says Kale Beyer, marketing specialist from Bongo Bay Fusion Marketing. “It is a way for the small to mid-sized business owner to compete on a level playing field with their competitors," continues Beyer. "Bongo Bay shows business owners how to increase their creditability, visibility and overall bottom line by using a simple, targeted social media plan and mobile marketing campaigns to reach new potential customers."

“We have just released our new enterprise system called The Local/Mobile Fusion Marketer. Using this system we are able to get our clients on the first page of Google Place searches for their field” said Beyer. "With 80% of most brick and mortar establishments business coming from within 5-10 miles away, the local market becomes very important. We are finding that many small-to-medium businesses' customers are searching for local businesses using Iphone and Droid smartphones, but are unclear on an effective means of reaching this target demographic."

“Fusion Marketing is utilizing the power of Social Media with a mobile strategies to ensure that their company is not only found on the web, but has the positive credentials backing them in the form of reviews, to be selected by new customers”, continues Beyer, “Business owners who have a limited amount of time, resources and expertise don't want to worry about how to reach new clients on the web. In addition, we keep it easy and very affordable by having them re-allocate resources from non performing marketing activities, such as newspaper, magazine, or classified ads, etc. into the social media marketing budget.”

We have the capability to work with clients from their very first campaign, to experienced firms that really need or want to grow their business using more advanced mobile techniques. “We have had clients’ experience as much as a 15% increase in say their online enrollment in a particular campaign,” states Kale Beyer. “Like I always tell clients’ if we can get more people to see what you have to offer, do you think that you can sell more to them?” continues Beyer. We assist our clients in being where their clients are now and in the future. “Social Media has leveled the playing field between small and big business, actually you have big businesses acting like start-ups when it come to social media” states Kale Beyer.