Bonzai Intranet was created by the talented team at Dynamic Owl Consulting — a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with the technical skills and business sense to see that an alternative to designed-from-scratch intranets is not only possible, it’s imperative for organizations wanting to maximize the value of their investment in SharePoint.

Our Bonzai Intranet Consultants have deep expertise in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Our proven delivery methodology guides you step-by-step through objective setting, design, ownership, roll out and support to smoothly and successfully launch the most extraordinary employee collaboration, communication and engagement digital workspace on SharePoint.

In as little as 8 - 12 weeks, you can turn on a pre-built intranet for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 that's packed with the core functionality all organizations need to drive communication, collaboration and engagement with employees with Bonzai Intranet.