The Problem:
Whether authors are self-published or have a professional publisher, they bear the burden of marketing their own books. And it is a burden! Authors are writers, not marketing professionals, and most of them feel lost when it comes to pushing their own products.

Social media is the primary vehicle to get the word out and yet, their reach goes only as far as their own network. They set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others, but that’s the easy part. Then they have to attract followers and maintain regular communication to keep their book at the forefront. It’s a daunting and relentless task, and even if they are disciplined about it, if they aren’t constantly building their network, they keep pinging the same audience over and over again.

The Solution:
Bookarma is a new mechanism where authors help other authors market their books globally through shared social media. It’s a simple concept. Authors help authors. They give and receive. What goes around, comes around. It’s Karma – Bookarma!

How Bookarma Works:
1. Bookarma is for all authors, and everyone can set up a free book page.
2. Authors use their ISBN to import the details of their book. Bookarma imports their title, the book cover and description with a single click.
3. The author links their book to their external sales page. They can link to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, their own website, or wherever they choose to sell their book.
4. If the author wants to participate in the shared marketing, they purchase a subscription. The subscription fee is $15.00 per month per book, with discounts available for multiple books. The annual subscription fee is $153.
5. After subscribing, the author writes the Facebook posts and tweets they want to go out about their book. Their book is now ready to be shared by other authors.
6. The book is now delivered to the other authors’ book queues. Those authors browse the books on Bookarma and select the ones they want to share. With a single click, they share those books out to their own social networks. The books get exposed to a whole new audience.
7. All authors always maintain complete control over their own social networks. They decide which books to share, what messages to send, and how often to participate.

• Bookarma is a revolutionary new book marketing platform that allows authors to market their books globally through shared social networks. They break through the boundaries of their own social networks and reach an entirely new audience.
• Bookarma is designed to help authors, whether they have a publisher or are independently published, to market their books globally at an affordable price. Authors can market their current books and also resurrect back-listed titles.
• The cost to market a book on Bookarma is $15 per month per book or $153 per year per book.
• Bookarma integrates with users' existing social accounts, making it easy to promote authors' books by leveraging existing networks.
• The concept is based on the principle of karma: the more an author shares fellow authors’ books, the more their own book will be shared and will gain greater visibility.
• Authors on Bookarma are enjoying as much as a 1651% return—and that’s not a typo!
• Bookarma is a GLOBAL PLATFORM and currently serves authors in 30 different countries!